Day    Division        Date               Start Time     # Teams    Status             

  Sat       U14      January 16th            7:30am             6              FULL
  Sat       U16      January 16th            1:09pm             6              
  Sat       U19,     January 16th            5:48pm             6              
  Sun      U10      January 17th            8:00am             5              FULL
  Sun      U12      January 17th           12:39pm            6              FULL 

  Sat       U14      January 23rd           7:30am              6              FULL
  Sat       U16      January 23rd           1:09pm              6              FULL
  Sat       U19      January 23rd           5:48pm              6            
  Sun      U10      January 24th            8:00am             5              FULL
  Sun      U12      January 24th           12:39pm            5              FULL

  Sat       U14      January 30th           7:30am              6              FULL
  Sat       U16      January 30th           1:09pm              6             
  Sat       U19      January 30th           5:48pm              5            

  Sun      U10      January 31st            8:00am             5              FULL
  Sun      U12      January 31st           12:39pm            8              FULL


  Day     Division          Date              Start Time    # Teams    Status             
  Sat       U14        February 6th             7:30am           6              FULL
  Sat       U14        February 6th             1:09pm           6            
  Sat       U19        February 6th             5:48pm           6             

  Sun      U10        February 7th            8:00am            5              FULL
  Sun      U12        February 7th          12:39pm            5              FULL
  Sat       U14        February 13th           7:30am           6              FULL
  Sat       U16        February 13th           1:09pm           5            
  Sat       U19        February 13th           5:48pm           6              

  Sun      U16        February 14th          8:00am            6              FULL
  Sun      U16        February 14th        12:39pm            5              FULL
  Sat       U12        February 20th           7:30am           6              FULL
  Sat       U19        February 20th           1:09pm           6              
  Sat       U19        February 20th           5:48pm           6             
  Sun      U10        February 21st           8:00am           5             FULL
  Sun      U19        February 21st          12:39pm          5              FULL

*** Tournament start at 7:30am on Saturdays and 8am or 9am on Sundays
*** Start & Finish Times are subject to change - the Viper Sports Club will do it's best to adhere to the published times                                                                    *** Game Schedules are email to the team contact the Tuesday before the tournament & Published on the Web Site


2020 - 2021

Tournament Schedules PDF

Tournament Deposit

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Tournament Day Information & Forms

2020 - 2021 Indoor Tournaments

    2020 - 2021 Tournament Fee:   $415                                            

  Our Tournaments:

  • 6 v 6 format (includes a GK)
  • Tournaments are 4 x 25 minute games
  • US Field Hockey Rated Officials
  • FIH rules 
  • Awards for 1st place in each division
  • ​Great Competition in All Divisions!​​

  2020 - 2021 Tournament Series Printable Forms:

  • Team Roster Form


  • 2020 - 21 Tournament Waiver Form

   On Line Tournament Payments Instructions

  • Select from the pull down menu which tournament you will be entering
  • Once you add a team to the Cart -  you can select the number of teams you will be entering in that division
  • Please write the teams names in the comment box at check out
  • To add more tournaments to your "Shopping Cart", click "Continue Shopping" button to return to this page 
  • On Line Payments includes a Convenience Fee 

                  On Line Payments


**Registration can be done with a $100 deposit per team per tournament or Full  

**Balance of payment is due 1wk prior to the tournament  date on line or by check

** All Payment is non-refundable - a Credit will be given for a future date 

Due to Covid-19 there will be limits to the number of people allowed in the building in order to comply with government mandates and social distancing.

NO Spectators will be allowed in the facility during tournaments. 

The only people allowed in the facility during a tournament are each teams athletes, coaches, umpires and the facility staff. 

ALL tournaments will be live streamed

on the Viper Sports Club Facebook Page.



Viper Sports Club


832 N Lewis Road Limerick PA 19468 

2020 - 21 Indoor Field Hockey Tournament Series