2021 League:

OnLine Payment 


  ​​2022 Summer League 


The 17th Annual Summer League is held at Eastern University 
  Come join us for great hockey and lots of FUN!!!

Monday & Wednesday Evenings -   7 v 7(6 field players & 1 goalie)

 DivisionsMiddle School, High School JV,  

                   High School Varsity & Adult 
  ALL games will be played on the turf at Eastern University - Radnor/Wayne PA

  Locations: Eastern University - St David's / Wayne, PA

  Price:$TBD - Adult Individual Registration
NEW TEAM PRICING:  $TBD - Team  Registration  

                                       (minimum 10 per team)                                                          

Registration Deadline: TBD      


  Mail in 2022 REGISTRATION FORM / Waiver


*** Registration Form with the Waiver will be sent to those who have already registered

         but still need to complete the waiver

  *** Players who used the On Line Registration still need to mail in a Registration Form


   **** Team Roster Form for teams that have already registered

  Time: All games are scheduled between 5:00 and 8:00 pm  

            (games will start on time - Adult/Elite Division plays the later games)

  Approximate Start Times:  
  High School Division  : 5:00 or 6:00pm
  High School Division / Middle School Division / Youth Division : 6:00 or 7:00pm 
  Adult / Elite Division / Middle School:  6:00 or 7:00pm 

  Teams: minimum of 10 players per roster 


  • Middle School & High School Divisions:  Youth Division: Ages 7 - 11, Middle School (Gr 7-8 (entering 9th 9/20 & Club U14), HS JV (Gr 9 -10 & Club U16), HS Varsity ( Gr11 -12 & Club U19)
  • Adult/Elite Division:  Incoming College Freshman, Collegiate Level Players & Adult

  Length of Game:

  • High School & Middle School: Officiated 50 minute Games  / two 25 minute halves /  5 minute half time / 5 minutes between games / FIH Rules
  • Adult/Elite Division: Officiated 50 minute Games / two 25 minute halves /  5 minute half time / 5 minutes between games / FIH Rules / Rosters may have male players - only 2 male players can be on the field at one time - including the goalie. 



  • ​Face Mask recommendations for outdoor activities has been lifted in the state of PA
  • Participants: Athletes will not be required to wear cloth face coverings while actively playing
  • Fully Vaccinated Individuals will not be required to wear a face mask
  • Anyone who is not fully vaccinated and does not wear a mask does so at their own risk
  • Fans/Family Members: Everyone should have one readily available if a situation arises where you need to put one on. Not wearing a face mask is at your own risk. 
  • It is recommended that non vaccinated individuals always wear a mask while on the sidelines and while not actively playing. Not wearing a mask is at your own risk. 
  • Face coverings are still recommended by the CDC, especially for older youth & adults, when feasible, particularly in indoor or crowded locations.

  • Older youth and adult participants should have a mask readily available if a situation arises where you need to put one on.

League Instructions:

  • Adult Individuals: Players registering as individuals will be placed on a team and notified as soon as possible.
  • Teams: Team Coach or Manager must fill out a registration form and Team Roster form signed by all the players. Teams must hand in the registration form and a team roster together with each players payment. (minimum10 per team) 
  • Players CAN NOT register to play on two rosters without paying two registration fees.
  • All Players must have field hockey stick, mouth guard and shin guards.
  • All players should bring a white and dark T-shirt with them each night.
  • Teams listed first on the schedule wear white T-shirts
  • Teams listed second on the schedule wear dark T-shirts.
  • Goalies must have their own equipment.
  • Teams consist of 6 field players plus a goalie.
  • Teams without a goalie can play with 7 field players.
  • ALL Substitutions MUST be made from the defensive side of the field

  • Only two male players on the pitch at one time - includes the goalie.
  • FIH Rules
  • ALL GAMES WILL START AT THE DESIGNATED TIME - Clock will start on time.
  • Please be on the pitch ready to play at your designated time​



832 N Lewis Road Limerick PA 19468 

2022 League Schedule will be posted on

Viper Sports Club

      17th Annual 2022 SUMMER LEAGUE

    Due to Covid-19 All payments made to the Viper Sports Club are
   non-refundable & non-transferable. Refunds will only be issued if  

The Viper Sports Club canceled the event. 

    Summer League Champions