“Knowledge, Passion, & Energy”

          It is the goal at the Viper Sports Club and the Viper Field Hockey Club to empower young student athletes with hockey knowledge and understanding. This knowledge is shaped through creative teaching and training.  Our objective is to motivate athletes to step out of their comfort zone and be exposed to new techniques and training.  Through our passion of the sport of hockey and our energy in teaching both technical and tactical skills it is our aim that athletes will enter as inexperienced field hockey players and depart as elite hockey players.

Concepcion Puyans - Owner Viper Sports Club     

832 N Lewis Road   Limerick, PA 19468       Phone:  610-495-0999   FAX: 610-495-0995

Please Email any general information questions to:  ViperSportsClub@comcast.net
*** Viper Sports Club is owned and operated by Winning Edge Sports, LLC


832 N Lewis Road Limerick PA 19468 

Viper Sports Club





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